Wooden windows and doors by DEKA-J.M.

Wooden windows and doors by DEKA-J.M. (more about our products) are safe, forms character of the building and helps preserve warmth. Wooden windows and doors are our main products over 20 years. DEKA-J.M. LLC produce Europrofile or German-type windows, 68mm thick.

We also manufacture wooden internal doors, tables, benches and decorative elements of buildings. Experience in construction of buildings allows us to offer the best to the needs of each client.

Our small team provides every client for a special attitude and individually designed solution. The client is the most important one to us, so we put an effort to implement any idea unless restricted by technical or technological hindrances. Windows and doors, which we produce, may have the shape of an arch, triangle, rhombus; they can be round or any other shape.

Pine tree is used predominantly in production of wooden windows and doors because of its many positive qualities. It is relatively lightweight, easy to process, it has a beautiful pattern when tinted in comparison with other deciduous trees, it is highly resistant to decay and rot thanks to pine resinosity. Pine is also a mechanically durable tree which is an important aspect in use of the windows and the doors. Pine tree is used in production of windows and doors also because of its thermal resistance which is a beneficial quality for thermal efficiency.

Outlook of larch wood windows resembles pine windows very much, yet they have finer fiber and a brighter shade of yellow. Larch features very nice texture, and it is also a very hard and resinous wood thus it is ensured for long service life and mechanical durability. Larch can be painted and stained just like pine tree. The service life of windows and doors will be much longer, but since it is a slow-growing tree species and is not common in our latitudes, its price is relatively higher than the cost of pine timber.
Appearance of oak windows cannot be confused with any other tree thanks to its delicate fibers and eye pleasing pattern. Oak is inherently a noble wood and stands out against other deciduous trees used in the manufacture of windows and doors with its wide range of shades and abundance of fiber patterns. Having high content of acid and tannin, oak makes the most durable wood – the older it grows, the stronger and the harder it becomes. With proper treatment and care, oak is virtually impossible to rot, wood pests do not crave for it, and it does not turn blue. Oak windows and doors are preferred by people really willing to pay a proper price for an investment in their future and enjoy it for many years.
Windows and doors made of meranti and other African and South American tree species have a very unusual variety of shades, colors, patterns and tints not typical of the European species.

For windows, DEKA-J.M. LLC use accessories ROTO NT exclusively. These fittings allow opening and tilting the casement with just one grip of the handle without strain. The fittings are very easy to fix on the windows of various shapes. They are reliable in operation and maintenance. ROTO NT system allows you installing many additional details and options on windows and doors. ROTO also offers elegant handles and hinge plates of different shades.

Double-glazed unit is the largest detail of windows and doors therefore it is paid special attention to. For production of their windows and doors, DEKA-J.M. LLC employ double-glazed units and decorative glass made by Glaskon LLC and First Glass Company LLC.

Here you can read more about production materials and parts.

We prefer installing our products on our own. This is the only way we can be sure of installation quality.

Beside the wooden windows and doors, we also produce wooden stairs. Stairs make a functionally significant part of the building and an important detail of the interior. Most often, the stairs are made of Latvian ash-tree and oak-tree. We have our own stocks of ash and oak for stairs production thus we are capable of fulfilling outsized and complicated orders. We also produce garden terraces, pond planks, garden benches, tables and other wood products.

Our wooden windows and doors are also exported to Germany, Holland, Norway, Lithuania and other European countries.

DEKA-JM LLC was established and registered in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia on 21 February 1992. The production is located in Marupe, at 24 Gaujas Street.

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