DEKA-J.M. LLC manufacture wooden windows, wooden entrance doors, wooden internal doors, veneered doors, wooden stairs, tables, benches, terraces and other products according to the customer’s wishes.

Wooden windows

Wooden windows are preferred by people who are able to appreciate the true beauty of wood and enjoy its aesthetic superiority over other materials. DEKA-J.M. LLC produce Europrofile or German-type windows 68mm thick. Windows of the given thickness are the most common in Europe and Latvia. The windows are made of glued three layers of radial cut pine beams providing strengthened mechanical durability and resistance to deformation and moisture. All window beams are glued with waterproof glue D4. Due to the mechanical durability of glued wood beams, we are able to produce large window and facade constructions which cannot be made of other materials. Wood admits large variety of sizes, shapes and visual design depending on desires and fantasies of each client. We achieve this thanks to varied selection of colors offered by TEKNOS coating materials, and with the help of azure materials that are used in the exterior and interior decoration. For exterior finish, we offer decorative ledges, cover plates and capitals of different shapes and appearance, which are selected as needed to suit old windows or a brand-new house as per sketches of the customer or an architect. Our company can make new windows for family houses, commercial space, and architectural monuments according to the old specimen, but in a new version.

For all the windows, we use fittings of the company ROTO NT only to provide excellent work throughout the service life of the window. ROTO fittings have three main positions. Opening/ closing, opening/ventilation, opening/saving ventilation. All these features allow everyone to choose the most suitable type of ventilation for your home. This is important because the accumulated humidity in the house can only escape through the window. Most effectively, the rooms can be ventilated by opening the window in the morning and evening for 5-15 minutes depending on the size of the room. This ensures that the window will not have strips of mist and running condensation which may cause damage to the surface of the window. Ventilation depends on service life and the appearance of windows and doors.

All windows can be constructed with single-chamber or double-chamber double-glazed units, 24-36mm thick. We use selective glass for all double-glazed units, and we can achieve good thermal performance in combination with argon gas. In this type of double-glazed units, we apply Termix spacers ensuring even higher thermal efficiency of the double-glazed unit along its perimeter.

For our windows, we use Deventer seals ensuring a perfect contact sealing around the entire perimeter of the window regardless of the weather conditions and ambient temperature. A supplementary seal can be added to all the windows to provide additional sealing.

On the exterior of the window, we use aluminum drainage system of the company BUG, which protects the lower part of the window from moisture, significantly prolongs the life of the window, and improves the appearance.

Guided by years of experience, we recommend our clients to choose the top coat of the product line TEKNOS aqua for exterior decoration of windows as there is a possibility to tint them in countless variations of RAL and NCS colors.

For interior decoration, we offer semi-gloss or matte clear coat that emphasizes the natural and unique structure of pine, or pickle and varnish which can be selected to match the shade of internal doors, parquet floor or any other object or furniture.

Whatever shade of paint or pickle you choose, you will get pleasure from the wooden windows made by Deca-J.M. LLC. It will be warm and safe in your home regardless of the season or the weather outside.

Wooden entrance doors

Wooden entrance doors are not only an item which does not allow the cold to get indoors, but it is something much more. In fact – it is a barrier which does not let the cold into your home. However, the entrance door is also the face and the business card of the home. DEKA-J.M. LLC manufactures doors made of pine beams 68mm thick with the help of which we can achieve the same rates as that of thermal efficiency of windows. When making doors using beams, any form or division of your new door is possible. Glass can be combined with wood in the doors. Thickness of glass can range between 24-36mm, just like in windows, and panels are 24-68mm thick. We offer two types of panels. More massive and pleasant panels are panels with milled edge which are 68mm thick and give the entrance door more refined look, making the door quieter and more massive. Another type of panels has a thickness of 24-36mm, smooth on both sides, with polystyrene foam in between, providing good sound and heat insulation, but visually looking less sophisticated. All our doors are equipped with four-point locks of German company FUHR which would not cause any problems for the whole service life of the door. The doors are equipped with oak or pine threshold having a stainless steel cover plate according to desires of the client. AGB or SIMONSWERK 3D hinges are installed on all doors providing clear and simple adjusting options when necessary. Entrance doors have Deventer seals providing excellent sealing around the perimeter of the door. Choose our entrance doors, and you will feel protected, safe, and be sure of having made the right choice.

Wooden internal doors

Internal doors differ from house to house, and they imply different philosophy. They are like an open book whichwhen entering the house – tells you something about the dwelling, its residents, the atmosphere they create. Internal doors should be considered, first of all, from a practical point of view they have to separate two rooms. Most important aspect is to know what kind of premises those are, and to what extent we wish to separate them from each other. With the help of internal doors, we can separate the space fully or partially. DEKA-J.M. LLC manufacture internal doors with panels for each client individually, taking into account the functional characteristics of the premises and the customer’s wishes. Our internal doors are made of solid glued pine, oak or ash, providing maximum resistance to bending and featuring excellent sound-proofing qualities. Panel doors have a thickness of 42mm. We can produce various types of internal doors with different division and ensure perfect working of the doors. In the internal doors, we combine glass with wood. The glass can be decorative as well as tinted and frosted. It is possible to insert all types of glass in double-glazed units, thus increasing sound insulation of internal glass doors. Such a solution is often required in rooms for small children so as to simultaneously see what is happening behind the door, and to ensure a peaceful sleep of your babies. For better handling of doors, all doors have seals for a quieter closing, and 3D hinges that provide better regulation throughout the whole life cycle.

Veneered internal doors

The doors of this kind are very common, and their popularity is growing. Veneered doors are completely different in their nature and design from panel doors. DEKA-J.M. LLC produce two types of veneered doors. One type of the doors is based on a pine wood frame or shell lined with HDF sheet and coated with plain sliced veneer. Another door type is based on the tubular chipboard lined with HDF sheet and coated with plain sliced veneer. There is no visual difference, but, from the practical point of view, wooden frame doors will be more solid and quieter thus ensuring better separation of the premises from each other. Smooth veneered doors have the advantage of wide choice of sliced veneer made of many tree species which we are able to offer to our clients. Actually, the sliced veneer is available from most European, and many African and South American tree species which will make your internal doors unique, appropriate to your home, and matching your preferences. All internal doors can be tinted in the required shade by Beckers pickles. After tinting, they are varnished by double-component polyurethane varnish of the company HERLAC or RENNER, providing unsurpassed hardness of the coating and protection from mechanical damage.

Wooden stairs

DEKA-J.M. LLC produce wooden stairs of ash and oak. These two wood species are the most suitable for manufacture of stairs. Ash and oak stands out for their beautiful and patterned fiber, a wide variety of shades, and hardness. We make straight, carved, curved and circular staircases. The shape and design is limited only by the imagination and desires of the client.