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DEKA-J.M. LLC manufacture wooden windows and doors. 20 years of experience in production of wooden windows, wooden entrance doors, wooden internal doors, tables, benches and decorative elements of buildings. Experience in construction of buildings allows us to offer the best to the needs of each client.

Our small team provides every client for a special attitude and individually designed solution. The client is the most important one to us, so we put an effort to implement any idea unless restricted by technical or technological hindrances. Windows and doors, which we produce, may have the shape of an arch, triangle, rhombus; they can be round or any other shape. There are various species of trees and shades of colour on request. A wide choice of accessories and double-glazed units are available. We prefer installing our products on our own. This is the only way we can be sure of installation quality.

Beside the wooden windows and doors, we also produce wooden stairs. Stairs make a functionally significant part of the building and an important detail of the interior. Most often, the stairs are made of Latvian ash-tree and oak-tree. We have our own stocks of ash and oak for stairs production thus we are capable of fulfilling outsized and complicated orders. We also produce garden terraces, pond planks, garden benches, tables and other wood products.

Our wooden windows and doors are also exported to Germany, Holland, Norway, Lithuania and other European countries.

DEKA-JM LLC was established and registered in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia on 21 February 1992. The production is located in Marupe, at 24 Gaujas Street.

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